Welcome to Yuceline International Clinic
The Icmeler Yuceline clinic was opened 5 years ago and has become an extremely well established medical clinic in Icmeler. Over the past 5 years the local population, as well as foreign people holidaying in Icmeler has increased and in order to provide an improved service we decided to build a new clinic. This new clinic gives us more opportunities to give our patients the highest level of service and the best medical treatments.  We are here to offer our patients the very best medical advice, treatments, first aid and care.
The Icmeler Yuceline clinic has gained accreditation and trust from all who have visited us. Our teams are composed of trained, skilled and friendly doctors, nurses, paramedics and managing staff.
We offer round the clock service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
We also offer cosmetic procedures which allows us to arrange beauty and holiday programs with our specialists.

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