Health and holiday Tips

Mosquito Bites

Unfortunately Mosquito bites are a common problem especially in the summer season and insect repellents aren’t enough for protection most of the time. If you get a mosquito bite it must be kept clean at all times for prevention from the bacterial contamination. Mosquito bites must always be addressed as soon as you realize you have been bitten, a simple mild soap and water should be used to cleanse the area and gently pat dry whilst resisting the urge to rub or scratch. Rubbing or scratching will prolong the mosquito bite and could lead to infection. Calamine lotion or a typical anesthetic are effective mosquito bite treatments and taking an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen may reduce the swelling of the bite.

Prickle Heat

Prickle Heat is also a very common problem in the summer season. Avoiding the heat by staying in the shade, taking cool showers or baths and wearing loose clothing will help ease your symptoms. Apply calamine lotion to the affected areas of the skin or alternatively hydrocortisone cream if your skin is particularly sore and itchy. Most heat rash resolves without treatment, often within a day after changing to a cooler environment. To avoid prickly heat we advise you stay out of the sun during the height of the day (usually between 11-3).

Sun Burn

Sunburn is a very common problem in the summer season, a lot of people don’t realize how it is when there in the pool/sea all day. If you should be sun burnt make sure you cool the skin as soon as possible with a cold compress and drink lots of water. A rehydration sachet will stop dehydration. Make sure you apply after sun, calamine lotion or aloe vera to the affected areas. To avoid sunburn wear a hat, use a high factor sun protection lotion and regularly re apply throughout the day especially after swimming. Try to avoid the sun between 11-3.


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